#07. The Empty Classroom

From the very first day, my only aim was to make friends; not just friends, but external bodies those shared a common heart. Seeds of friendship that we planted transformed into trees. Memories started to sweeten as the days went by, just like a fruit that ripens. 

Another day, another memory. Even very small incidents were implanted to my heart. One of those days, I realised: yes, a day spent with friends was always an awesome memory written in the book of life. The scriptures got carved on the stone called life. 

But, I’m sad. Why?  I’m sad of moving away from them; My best friends! School, college or any other place,it doesn’t matter, friends are jewels. And they have already become the part of my life! Just like every internal organs are vital for an organism, each and everyone are important for me. I don’t want to miss them. But the bitter truth is killing me. One day will come, when everyone will part for their own reasons. Not all can be together every time. 

The memories are flashing down in my thoughts, like the scenes of a movie. The tour diaries, the arts day, the college day, the first day at college, the mass bunks, the movies, the trips, birthdays, college bus, fun, regrets and a lot more…

And the best friend of those memories came to me, the tears! 

The teachers will miss us badly(atleast some of them); if they do so, we can be proud of ourselves! We were notorious, we were disturbing; but we lived every memory and won many hearts!

Earlier, the school farewell killed many bonds; expectations were broken, and one day, the college farewell might do the same, but I don’t want the same to happen again.

All of us will realize the meaning of the word ‘friend’. Don’t let your friends down! Find the perfect ones!  Always try to live each and every moment at the second home now, the college. 

Yes, one day, the classroom is going to be empty; soulless, noiseless, calm and quiet; but life shouldn’t be.

Love you all πŸ™‚ ❀

Short, but Special Dedication to: My buddies: The 2014-18 CSE batch, COET 

All my friends taught me how to be a good person. Will never ever forget anyone of you πŸ™‚

1 year is not a long time to go guys! So make it an overwhelming year! 

-Viz πŸ™‚ 


2 thoughts on “#07. The Empty Classroom

    1. I know, but what about moving on with all of them together! It would be great if that was possible! πŸ™‚ I always want things to be positive.


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