#06. Candle

​As usual, they mocked him and it wasn’t a surprise. He was a pauperized street performer whom people defined absurd. Breathtaking stunts have become a part of his daily routine. Risk became his best friend. He didn’t care of what people uttered.

You might have gone crazy after your read that! What’s the relation between these words and the title!?

Yes, he was resembling a Candle. A candle spreads light to kill the darkness. Doing so, it gradually kills itself. A melting candle sacrificed itself for the humans; while he did the same, for his family. 

-Viz 🙂

#01.  Friends are everything! For you, for me and for everyone!

Love Your Friends!

The best way to overcome struggles, get into peace and make your life awesome: make friends! Be wise in choosing them. Come on guys! Spread smile across!

Just think about it.

Your suggestions, advises are welcomed!

Just a thought from me!

Photo: Clicked by myself with my friends !